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Making Camilla’s first-home dreams come true

Making Camilla’s first-home dreams come true

Camilla Stead is counting down the days until she’s cosying by the side of the wood burning stove in her new stone cottage. 

And she’s still pinching herself that she can actually afford to buy what she describes as ‘absolutely my dream home’.

Like many first-time buyers, she’d put off taking that all-important first step onto the mortgage ladder, mainly because she was daunted by the whole process of applying for a mortgage itself. 

“I’d managed to pull a deposit together but friends have told me their mortgage application horror stories about spending hours on the phone or in person, and filling in endless paperwork, and I think that’s what made me delay getting started,” she said.

 Camilla, 28, who teaches history at a secondary school in Leeds, simply doesn’t have time for all that.

 “I’m in classes all day so it’s not convenient to go and see a financial advisor or go to a bank,” she said.

“Like many professionals my age, I’m also very busy, working long hours, and I don’t have any time to waste.

“I wanted to get professional advice to make sure I got the best deal and a friend recommended HOOCHT., which proved perfect for me. It was quick, easy and flexible, and I could complete the different steps when it suited me – in fact, I think I sorted the majority of my mortgage application in my pyjamas!”

As well as the process itself, Camilla was worried whether she would pass lenders’ strict modern lending criteria.

“I didn’t know if my salary would be enough to buy me the kind of house I wanted,” she added. I’d saved up a reasonable deposit and I wanted to put down 10 per cent, to avoid overstretching myself and keep my monthly payments realistic.”

From start to finish, she felt she was in safe hands. “I dealt with mortgage advisor Warren via online chat and he and the team were just brilliant. I could ask any question, no matter how silly I thought it might be, and they would get me the answer.

“They were proactive as well, coming back to me quickly and checking in with me regularly to see how my house hunting was going. Warren contacted me one day and I said I’d seen a property I really liked. He made sure I had my agreement in principle sorted in time for the viewing and it turned out to be my ideal home, which I’m now in the process of buying. I’m sure that having that AIP ‘in my hand’, made the difference and got my offer accepted over others.

“HOOCHT. also gave me other hints and tips to help with the purchasing process which were invaluable, like when to contact my solicitor or estate agent to keep things moving. Fingers crossed, thanks to that, I’ll achieve my aim of being in my new home by the beginning of March.”

 Camilla was also pleasantly surprised by her monthly mortgage payments.

 “I’ll be paying back £630 a month, which is more affordable than I ever imagined and cheaper than renting, which I think of as ‘dead money’,” continued Camilla.

 We also sorted her life insurance, which is something we strongly recommend to all our borrowers, to ensure they’re covered for the unknown.

“HOOCHT. found me a really good deal which was much better than anything I could find through my own research,” said Camilla.

So, what’s her overall verdict on her HOOCHT. experience?

“HOOCHT. was amazing. Before I applied for the mortgage, I had a really good chat online and I felt a lot of effort was made to really understand what I wanted.

“Like a lot of people today, sadly, I’m often a bit cynical and suspicious when I first deal with companies on things like this, so it was great to be proved wrong. I’m thoroughly impressed and I’ve felt that HOOCHT. had my best interests at heart throughout.

“They got me a great deal with Nationwide, at 2.39 per cent, and it even includes £500 cashback, which will be a big help with my legal costs! 

“They literally made a dream come true for me. The cottage I’m buying is exactly how I’d imagined my first home should be, with a log burning stove and oak beams. As soon as I walked through the door, I thought ‘I want it’. It was the HOOCHT. team that made it happen for me.

 “I would highly recommend HOOCHT. and the fact their service is completely free was an added bonus, with all the other buying costs I have to find.”


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