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Lifting a weight for Suzanna and Richard

Lifting a weight for Suzanna and Richard

Lifting a weight for Suzanna and Richard

 Suzanna and Richard Lascelles had had such a bad experience of applying for a mortgage the first time around, they were almost too afraid to contemplate it again.

In fact, they really believed they would be stuck with their first-time home, forever.

 Until they discovered us, that is!

 Because within just 24 hours we’d opened up their horizons more than they’d ever imagined and, in Suzanna’s words, ‘lifted an enormous weight off our shoulders’.

 The couple were looking at two options – to either reduce the rate on the mortgage on their current home, or, if eligible to borrow more, move from their outlying villate to a more spacious property in the centre of town.

 “We moved into our house in a village outside Beverley in 2012, because it was slightly cheaper than the town itself, which is where we ultimately want to be,” explained Suzanna, a midwifery sister at the local Women’s and Children’s hospital.

 “But although it’s been a really nice first home, we’re starting to outgrow it and could do with something a little bit more flexible, maybe with a drive and more of a garden.

 “Our dream is also to be able to move into Beverley itself, closer to the amenities.”

 However, their lack of mortgage market knowledge, and nervousness, meant the couple had shut the door on these aspirations.

 It was a friend who helped open it again, by suggesting they contact HOOCHT.

“It might sound silly,” added Suzanna, “but when we applied for the mortgage on our first home it took literally months, despite the fact we were first time buyers moving into an empty house. I was five months pregnant when we started the process and we didn’t complete on the mortgage until after our little boy Bobby was born.

 “All I can remember is having to jump through hoops and fill in endless amounts of paperwork, a huge amount of stress which was compounded by the fact I was pregnant.”

 However, the experience of dealing with HOOCHT. was the complete reverse of that.

 “I had an initial conversation with one of the advisors on a Sunday,” she said.

 “I basically explained what questions we had and what we wanted to achieve, and asked him to guide us and come back to us when he had secured us a possible solution.

 “I didn’t think we would be able to borrow the amount we needed to buy a bigger house in town for many more years. Yet, at the same time, we felt under pressure to make a decision about moving and find a new mortgage, all at the same time, which was really daunting.

 “So we were gobsmacked when the advisor came back to us the next day with a decision in principle for a new mortgage on our existing home at a lower rate, making our current payments more manageable.

“At the same time, he explained that our new lender would let us borrow almost twice as much as our current mortgage, and that we could extend and port out new deal whenever we were ready.

“They basically put us back in control of the situation and that felt like a huge weight lifted. And the whole process was so easy. HOOCHT.’s automated system prompted us by email and text at every stage and we could provide some of our documentary evidence simply by taking photos of it on our phone and uploading the images.

“We also found it less daunting than talking about our financial situation with a face-to-face advisor. The whole thing was the complete reverse of what we experienced last time. It took just three weeks to complete on our mortgage from start to finish.

 “The fact the advice was free made a difference too, as we wouldn’t have wanted to risk spending hundreds of pounds just to be told there was nothing we could do.”

 So, not only are they enjoying more affordable monthly payments, Suzanna and Richard, a local government officer, are now having fun scouting the available property in the area, to see what might suit them best, safe in the knowledge that they have the means to do it when they’re ready.

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